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Birthdate:Jun 8
Location:Astoria, New York, United States of America
You have stumbled on to the journal of a crazy silly fangirl. My journal is basically a place for me to talk about my daily life, fandom obsessions, & post some silly memes. I'm a very stubborn woman, so if you're going to try to change my thoughts on anything from politics, religion, fandom, heck, even food, don't bother. Other than that, if you don't mind a lot of fandom & random, then I think we'll get along just fine.

I just created this journal, so hopefully I'll be as active here as I am on LJ. :) Sadly this journal has been very neglected. I'll keep it, though, with the slight chance that I may decide to be more active here sometime in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

Animated Sam Winchester (from Supernatural) mood theme by [ profile] meg_tdj.

Dislikes(21): Angel/Cordelia, Bela Talbot, Bill Clinton, Buffy/Spike, Communism, Dean/Bela, Dean/Jo, Edward Cullen, Edward/Bella Harry/Ginny, Hillary Clinton, J2, Nancy Pelosi, OBHWF, Randi Weingarten, Ron/Hermione, Season 4 Ruby, Secular Christmas, Socialism, Super!Ginny, Wincest

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